Whack the Demon (in Development)Whack the Demon Game

An upcoming point and click horror based casual adventure, the Whack It family are confronted by an ancient evil demonic force awoken by the devil himself. Sent to clam your souls, playing as Patrick, Lisa and Whisky you must survive the night against the demon and it's legions of undead.

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Whack the Serial Killer (Released)Whack the Serial Killer

It's definitely the most gruesome game we have ever created so players of the squeamish demeanor may wish to skip Whack the Serial Killer! Kidnapped by a psychopathic killer Lisa, Patrick and Whisky will have to butcher their way through his basement in order to escape his torturous mechanisms. Featuring references galore to many famous movies and some of the most devious contraptions of the middle ages this chapter will shock and delight you if your a fan of movies such as the Saw series!

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