Whack the Demon (in Development)

Whack the Demon: Feature

The Most Horrifying Game Yet is Coming to the Whack It Series!

Whack the Demon see's Patrick, Whisky and Lisa have to confront their most formiddable challenge yet nestled somewhere in a deep dark forest. Whilst holidaying in a cabin in the woods a demonic presence is awakened by a freak storm earlier than expected. The ancient demon looks to claim the lives of innocent holiday makers once every 100 years. Little does the demon know it may have just met it's match with Lisa, Patrick and Whisky!

Launching on the FEAR

Whack the Demon will be launching on PC and Mac exclusively on FEAR.io where you will be able to play the game on their "Horror Hub".

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Monstrous Mythical Forms from Different Cultures

Whack the Demon: Long Neck Demon Whack the Demon: View 2

The evil presence will be taking monstrous and spirit forms from many cultures and mythologies around the world plus some more common monsters influenced by various movies.

You will have to have your wits about you to overcome the demon as it progressively shifts shapes into more challenging and powerful forms.

Being designed in Unity for both PC and mobile platforms, Whack the Demon will be unlike ever whack game you have seen before with superior smooth animations, super new blood and energy effects plus a more in depth puzzle solving element that will slowly be introduced to the game.