Whack The Creeps Game

It's time to teach these Creepy sleazebag a Lesson in Manners!

Whack the Creeps View 1

Whilst on a romantic night out Lisa - Patrick's partner is harassed in a bar by two creeps. Playing as Lisa your role is to fight back against the sleazy creeps.

Creepy guys can be a typical nuisance in bars across many cities throughout the world with women getting pestered on a daily basis. It's time to teach these sorts of guys a brutal lesson in manners.

Although not as big as Whack the Burglars, Whack the Creeps has no lack of imagination in some of the ways you take revenge the perpetrators. There are plenty of new characters to enjoy in this latest chapter of the series by www.whackit.co. These include a waiter and a doorman who take part in a special way.

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