Whack Your Neighbour Game Walkthrough

Whack Your Neighbour Game

There are 32 ways to whack your neighbour in the game, in no particular order these are:

  • (1) Whisky: Click the Dog
  • (2) Laser Pen: Click whacker's pocket
  • (3) Lawn Mower: Top Left of Screen
  • (4) Bee Hive: Click the Stone on top of Whisky's dog house
  • (5) Rake: Centre stage
  • (6) Compost Bin: Top left of screen
  • (7) Garden Sheers: In the garage
  • (8) Camouflaged Pit: Centre stage
  • (9) Tree: Top Centre of Screen
  • (10) Garden Trowel: Under Tree
  • (11) BBQ: Centre Stage
  • (12) 2 Brochette Sticks: (Secret Kill): Click the first stick is on the fence over to the far left of the screen, then click on the stick on top of the garage door.
  • (13) Car Jack: Under the car in the bottom right of the screen.
  • (14) Chainsaw: Hidden in the pile of logs in the bottom right of the screen.
  • (15) Electrical Cable: Far left of the screen.
  • (16) Hose: Behind the BBQ.
  • (17) Beer Bottle: In whacker's hand.
  • (18) Shotgun: In the garage.
  • (19) Chain: Bottom left of the screen under the toolbox.
  • (20) Iron Hook (Secret Kill): Click the hook in the garage, click the car in the bottom left of the screen.
  • (21) Dog Crap: Centre left of the screen.
  • (22) BBQ Spatula: In whacker's hand.
  • (23) Tool Box: Bottom left of the screen.
  • (24) Apple: On the garage roof.
  • (25) Phone: On the BBQ Table.
  • (26) Nail Gun (Secret Kill): Click the nail gun on the log in the bottom left of the screen and then click the nails in the tree.
  • (27) Divine Intervention: Clouds in between tree branches.

5 Kill's Added Later

  • (28) Hot Chilli Sauce: On the BBQ
  • (29) BBQ Sausages: On the BBQ
  • (30) Drill plus Watering Spout: Drill is in the bottom left corner leant against the car, the Watering Spout is in the middle of the lawn.
  • (31) Garage Window: To the left of the BBQ.
  • (32) Wondergrow plus Watering Can: The Wonder Grow is in the garage on the shelf. The Watering Can is near Whiskys Dog House.