Whack Your Undead Neighbour (Ongoing Development)

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Whack the Living Dead

A lethal disease outbreak occurs and your neighbour falls victim to the disease turning into a disgusting living undead creature. If you don't whack him using the most crazy and creative ways conjured up from every day items in your garden you will be next!

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Featuring a Brand New Animation Method, All New Kills and Effects

This is our first in house developed game in the series, created in Unity and featuring the most creative and feature rich kills ever seen in a whack game.

Before the animation was slow and designing in Adobe Flash, now our animations are created from scratch in Spine and implemnted in Unity leading to far more smoothness and better performance in your browser and on your phone.

A Surprise Appearance from Granny!

Your neighbour isn't the only surprise victim of this outbreak. Even your granny gets turned and she is out to exact revenge on all those times you didn't treat her kindly as your granny. Now she wants her fair pound of flesh for payback!

Character Roster

Playing as Patrick, Lisa and Whisky see if you can find all the ways.

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