Whack The Burglars Game: 34 Ways

Christmas Edition is Coming!

We are delighted to announce that Whack the Burglars Christmas Edition is coming to our website and to iOS and Android. Playing as Patrick and his Granny you will have to defend your home against two evil folklore monsters who are known to visit people at Christmas when they have done wrong throughout the year and need punshing.

Exclusive 4 More Ways Available Only at Whack It!

Whack The Burglars Game

We added four more hilarious ways to take out those pesky intruders including the Grudge inspired horror kill and a bloody Pinata kill.

the grudge like kill in whack the burglars

Defend Your Home Against a Team of Burglars!

Whack the Burglars features you and Whisky the Dog vs a notorious gang of burglars around your home. Set across 2 rooms and with 34 ways to find! The game was inspired by the old tale by Neith Boyce called The Burtons' Burglar and the hit movie Home Alone in which a young boy is accidentally left home alone and is forced to protect his home against two notorious burglars.

What's the Deal with the Burglars?

Burglary is a typical crime that affects many people, some cases have left people severely injured and frightened whilst others have lead to the home owner taking action to defend themselves against the burglar. In the game Whisky returns with his faithful owner Patrick and this time you rightfully defend your home against a gang of thieves looking to rob your home (three in total).

So Many Ways to Find!

whack the burglars: microwave kill

There is a total of 34 ways to find in the the living room and kitchen. Some are typical items you will find in your own house while others are a bit more novel. Favourite ways we added include using a fire poker, a bottle of whisky and a cork screw for the living room. While in the kitchen we enjoyed the microwave, freezer kill and washer machine kill.

Of course you won't be home alone in your endeavour your trust side kick Whisky is at hand to help you savage the burglars and as you will know from Whack Your Neighbour there is no holding Whisky back when he takes a disliking to someone!

The Final Burglar

whack the burglars: whisky vs the final burglar

The third burglar in the game that can be found in the hallway and unlocked after completing the kitchen was intended to be a much more challenging kill. We had designed the kill to be an epic fight between Whisky and the burglar where Whisky would have to dodge attacks from the burglar too. Unfortunately the two main rooms took so long to animate and refine we ran out of time and cut this mode short. We may revisit this concept in a later game dedicated to Whisky alone.

Enjoyed Whack the Burglars? Get in touch and tell us to make another! or try Whack the Creeps, our third game and to this date our favourite chapter. Whack the Creeps is the first game to feature Patrick's girlfriend Lisa and see's her take on two creeps with her own special moves and techniques for dishing out bloody justice.

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