Whack The Burglars Game: 34 Ways

Exclusive 4 More Ways Available Only at Whack It!

Whack The Burglars Game

Defend Your Home Against a Team of Burglars!

Whack the Burglars features you and Whisky the Dog vs a notorious gang of burglars around your home. Set across 2 rooms and with 30 ways to find!

Burglary is a typical crime that affects many people, some cases have left people severely injured and frightened whilst others have lead to the home owner taking brutal action against the burglar. In the game Whisky returns with his faithful owner and this time you rightfully defend your home against a gang of thieves looking to burgle your home.

There is a total of 34 ways to defend your home against the burglars and the bottom 2 rooms of your house to defend - The Living Room and Kitchen. 4 more ways are coming shortly.

Use typical household objects and some of the usual unconventional ones to teach them a lesson they truly deserve for trespassing on private property.

Of course you won't be home alone in your endeavour your trust side kick Whisky is at hand to help you savage the burglars and as you will know from Whack the Neighbour there is no holding that dog back when he takes a disliking to someone!

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