Whack Your Boss 2: Super Hero

The Super Hero of Whack Games!

Whack Your Boss 2: Super Hero game where you can kill your boss by becoming different Super Heros such as Spider Man, Cyclops, Wolverine, Sub Zero and other heroes in order to murder your boss.

In one of the best whack games so far by Box10.com you are an employee in a small office when your boss comes by ready to give you orders. Located around the office room are different super hero props to find which turn you into a wide range of super heroes.

The animation and ideas in the game are very creative and take an alternative approach to whacking games as you delve into a realm of fantasy and remove yourself from the more realistic environments of Whack Your Neighbour, Whack the Burglars, Whack the Thief, 20 Ways and Whack the Teacher.

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