Don't Whack Your Boss: 20 Ways


The game acts out what many people would love to do to their boss, this way you can vent your anger and get away with it. So long as you can imagine that the character is your own boss. In the most recent game he turns into a zombie.

You begin in a room with a worker sat at his desk when his boss comes in, listing complaints and generally being irritating. Using your cursor, hover over the 20 objects in the room and watch with pleasure as the worker brutally attacks and whacks his boss. Here are the many different objects and ways to whack your boss.

Also the description of the scene, along with a rating for the amount of blood, so you can watch the best ones straight away. (I'll refer to the worker as 'You')

WARNING! Don't scroll down any further unless you want to know all 20 ways get your boss!

1) The Wall: You jolt out of your chair and lunge at your boss, the pair of you are both hidden, however blood splatters everywhere and there is the sound of banging. Finally at the end the boss is sent flying through the wall laying on the office floor in a pool of blood. Blood Rating = 5/10

2) The Clock: In the background a colleague takes off the clock and swings it like a frisbee, hitting the boss directly in the face. You then retrieve the clock and proceed to take chunks out of the already blood stained face. Blood Rating = 6/10

3) Hands: Well this ones obvious. Blood Rating = 2/10

4) The Computer: You pick up the computer and throw it at the boss, hurtling him behind the wall. You then see the computer being thrown over the wall, shortly followed by the spasm in the boss's legs from the impact. Blood Rating = 1/10

5) Water Fountain: You punch the boss several times, sending him to the floor gasping. You then tear apart the water container from the fountain and shove it down the boss's neck. There is then a struggle lasting for several seconds, before the frantic shaking halts, and blood pours out of the boss's mouth. Blood Rating = 5/10

6) Bin: You smack your boss over the head, where he dimly replies; "you're fired". You ignore his pathetic comment and smash his brains out, literally. Blood Rating = 6/10

7) Cup: You mercilessly beat the boss over the head, knocking him to the ground in blood after several blows. Blood Rating = 5/10

8) Stapler: The same as the cup, except you staple the bosses forehead once he's dead. A pleasant finishing touch. Blood Rating = 5/10

9) Scissors: A very accute and direct way - one sweeping action across the throat, projecting the most blood out of any sequence. Blood Rating = 10/10

10) Bottom Draw: You open it and your boss mindlessly drones on about files in the wring place for a minute, thankfully you're given the option to click again on the drawer and clamp his skull many times before it eventually falls off. Blood Rating = 7/10

11) Top Right-Hand Shelf: You try and rip it off however it won't budge, and the boss looks at you arrogantly with an annoying smirk. However it's soon wiped off when he's face is plunged into it repeatedly. Blood Rating = 5/10

12) Golf Club: Definitely the most satisfying. Watching the boss crawl around in pain whilst you continue to hammer him relentlessly with the club. Blood Rating = 4/10

13) Keyboard: This is my favourite, you bash the boss over the head, and he clings on the wall whimpering. After several blows the keyboard unfortunately snaps - into a sharp edged piece of plastic. You impale it through his mouth and stamp on his head until the keyboard has been completely devoured - this is a crazy kill. Blood Rating = 6/10

14) Boss' Pencil: You swiftly snatch the pencil out of his grubby hands and stab it into the back of his neck repeatedly. Blood Rating = 4/10

15) Chair: You deliver a couple of blows with your fists and sit him in the chair; you then proceed to wrap duck tape on his mouth and tie him into the chair with your belt. Then you push him down the long hallway and out of the window. Blood Rating = 1/10

16) Umbrella: You drag the surprised boss by his tie before impaling him with the umbrella. Blood Rating = 5/10

17) Suitcase: You beat the boss over the head a countless number of times and them slam it shut with his head laying inside and proceed to stamp on it. Blood Rating = 6/10

18) Ruler: You casually pick it up and throw it, impaling his head, he then falls head first, pushing it through his skull completely. Blood Rating = 3/10

19) Pen: You stab him in the gut and sweep it horizontally, causing the bosses intestines to sprawl over the floor; you then shove it through his neck where he lifelessly falls face first into his intestines. Blood Rating = 8/10

20) There isn't one! There are technically 19 ways in the game.

Instead of no.20 there's just an animation of you swirling through the air with the boss' decapitated head held in your hand, the scene zooms outwards and you notice the bubble cloud, the bed and yourself sleeping. Where you realize it was just a dream. Unfortunately!

Whack Your Boss 24 Ways
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