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The Doodie cartoon series sparked a whole new generation of games including our own series, allowing you to sufficiently vent your stored anger, safely in the world of cyber space. By clicking on the assortment of items commonly found in most office environments, you can choose which piece of equipment you can use to hit the cartoon boss with. Whilst imagining it's your own boss rather than getting any ideas for a real life situation preferably.

Some pieces of equipment obviously provide more satisfaction than others when you smack the boss, but thankfully they all meet the same outcome, it just depends on what's left of the boss. Whack Your Boss is a game that's generally played several times at max, as obviously it becomes repetitive after the first go, and you lose the curiosity as to what each outcome is. Those of you who are regularly pleasured by this, then, I don't think that's normal!

Whilst created with the intention of living some people's fantasy day at work of hitting back at your boss, it nevertheless provides a comical element, and has resulted in a whole series of beat 'em up role plays ranging from Whack Your Teacher to Whack Your Neighbour, each consisting of multiple ways of hitting back at the object in question - depending on what's annoyed you.

Whack Your Boss has two versions to its series, 17 ways and 20 ways, both are exactly the same. 20 ways however has three extra items to satisfy your anger.

A pen, clock and golf club. The environment, people and motions are exactly the same so there isn't really much comparison, and the adaptation was created by a different creator.

The popularity is also surprisingly high, one video that runs through each scene boasts a remarkable 117,000 views and a 4 and a half star rating on You Tube - a success by any ones standard. Through searching on Google it also has hundreds of thousands of search results, for each "Whack Your" series.

However, picking up from a comment made earlier, ways to hit back at your boss is a 'one trick pony' at most, something that someone would experiment with if they are bored and scouring the web for games or things to satisfy their boredom. Once you've played it, there isn't anything new, however, you may want to search for other titles of the series if you really enjoy this one.

Assuming that you are playing the '20 Ways' version, the 19 interactable items are: (each one has a Rating corresponding to how original the method and animation is on the screen).

  • 1) The Wall - Rating = 5/10
  • 2) The Clock - Rating = 6/10
  • 3) Hands - Rating = 2/10
  • 4) The Computer - Rating = 1/10
  • 5) Water Fountain - Rating = 5/10
  • 6) Bin Blood - Rating = 6/10
  • 7) Cup Blood - Rating = 5/10
  • 8) Stapler - Rating = 5/10
  • 9) Scissors - Rating = 10/10
  • 10) Bottom Draw - Rating = 7/10
  • 11) Top Right Hand Shelf - Rating = 5/10
  • 12) Golf Club - Rating = 4/10
  • 13) Keyboard - Rating = 6/10
  • 14) Boss' Pencil - Rating = 4/10
  • 15) Chair - Rating = 1/10
  • 16) Umbrella: - Rating = 5/10
  • 17) Suitcase - Rating = 6/10
  • 18) Ruler - Rating = 3/10
  • 19) Pen - Rating = 8/10

Despite the lack of interest after your first go in Whack Your Boss 3, it does take you at least 15 minutes to run through all the sequences on how to kill your boss, and each motion is sure to capture your attention. Let's face it, 15 minutes of satisfaction, comedy and humour is memorable by any means. So the next time your irritated by the comments of superiors, this game will spring to mind, and you can just laugh it off instead of getting Angry!.

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