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Take revenge on your boss, teacher, ex girlfriend, boyfriend, a thief or even a computer with these creative murderous games.

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We are constantly developing more bloody adventures to entertain you. So far we have released 5 games!

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Whack the Thief whack the thief game

From the same geniuses who came up with the game Don't Whack Your Teacher comes another amusing, yet brutal, time waster. In both games, you play as a normal looking kid who has more than a few ways to retaliate against pesky adults. Think a fish tank is harmless? What about a dumbbell? With his wild imagination, the nameless protagonist takes the phrase "an eye for an eye" to the extreme.

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Whack Your Computer whack your computer game

Don't you just hate it when you're working on something important and you're interrupted by an office mate asking you to do even more work? It gets even worse if you refuse to cover for him and he persists in spamming your e-mail. Although you can't always give him a piece of your mind, there are plenty of ways to manage your anger. One of these is by playing games such as Whack Your Computer.

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Kick Your Boss Games

In these games you whack your boss in a less violent but equally as satisfying manner.

Play Whack Your Boss, Teacher and other popular people whacking games online at Whack It.

The Current Selection of Whack Your Games

Whack Your BossWhack Your Boss game

Have you just been asked to stay and work extra hours without overtime pay? Is your boss the type to inform you of a pay cut while deftly reminding you "lucky" you are to have your dead-end job? Regardless what beef you have with your superior, it can't be good to act out your revenge fantasies. Good thing games like Whack Your Boss gives you an outlet to express your pent up anger without getting fired.

Those who regularly play games in the genre will be no stranger to this title's mechanics. All you need to do is to use your mouse to locate interactive objects within your cubicle. Clicking on these will trigger a crazy, violent cut scene to satisfy your darkest desires. Not only does Whack Your Boss have more than twenty ways to get even with your virtual supervisor, pausing it brings up a page which disguises it as work research. You know, for those times when you feel like your real life manager is about to walk in on you.

Whack Your TeacherWhack Your Teacher game

You shouldn't let its title fool you. The main objective in Don't Whack Your Teacher is still to get some gory payback. In this title, a nameless kid is bearing with the ramblings of his nasty teacher. Although he looks harmless, he is slowly, but surely, seething with rage. To help him express his anger (and yours) you must hover over the items inside the classroom.

Click on one and paint the room with blood. What sets the game apart from other whack it games is that instead of actual weapons, the kid uses normal, everyday objects to beat up his grumpy teacher -- there are thirteen to find in all. Just keep in mind that even though the protagonist is a little boy, this game isn't meant for kids and is certainly not for the faint hearted.

Whack Your Exwhack your Ex game

Nobody likes getting dumped, most especially if you've been nothing but understanding. Suddenly, a new guy (or gal) comes along and steals the heart of your darling. Instead of being the ex from hell, why don't you just play Whack Your Ex to express your anger?

There are seventeen ways in which you can relieve stress in this title. Instead of scrambling to find interactive hot spots, everything is laid out neatly on the floor. All you need to do is to use your mouse to select the weapon of your choice and sit back to watch the show. If you're a guy, you've got nine items at your disposal. Girls only have eight but they're no less lethal and are equally, terrifyingly creative.

Whack the Thiefwhack the thief game

So what do you if a burglar comes into your house? If you're anything like Alex Pruitt in Home Alone 3, you probably have a few ideas on how to make their lives miserable. In case you can't imagine what you'd do, just play Whack The Thief to watch the nameless kid get revenge on the pesky home invader interrupting his video game.

Made by the same guys who brought you Don't Whack Your Teacher, this title is just downright gory so you may want to head over to other whack games if you're squeamish. Otherwise, you're probably going to be amazed with the sheer creativity injected into the brutal cut scenes.

The counter found at the lower right of your screen keeps track of your progress. Clicking on unique items increases your score, although you are free to reuse items to your heart's desire. Once you've found all ten items, you've beaten the game -- unless you're not done torturing the hapless thief, that is.

Whack Your Computerwhack your computer game

Whack Your Computer delivers exactly what it promises: it lets you embody the Hulk and smash your net book to bits. In this silly whack title, you step into the shoes of a boss trying to dictate notes to an attractive secretary. Unfortunately, the e-mails just won't stop and you keep getting rudely interrupted by beeps and alerts.

So what do you do now? Well, the only logical thing to do is to take out your frustrations on your pc/laptop. After all, if a bazooka doesn't solve the problem, maybe an air strike will. There are no complicated controls to concern yourself with in this title. All you need to do is to keep an eye out for clickable hot spots to trigger the scenes and you're all good to go. Do the same for all twelve unique weapons and you'll have finished the game. On the other hand, if in case you find one that touches your cold, violent heart, you are free to replay that scene as much as you want. After all, who can ever get enough of cutting an office-issued net book with a chain saw.