Whack the Creeps Game Guide, Walkthrough, All Kills

Whack The Creeps Game

Here you can find all the 19 kills and correct item combos for the Whack the Creeps Game.

(1) Wine Glass: On the bar top next to Lisa.

(2) Stool: Directly behind Lisa.

(3) Lisa's Hair Clip: Where do you think?

(4) Lisa's High Heel Shoe: Where do you think?

(5) Beer Tap: Behind Lisa and next to barman. (Beer Boarding Achievement)

(6) Darts plus Dart Board: Darts are on the bar top to the right of Lisa and Dart Board is next to the stair case.

(7) Umbrella: In the bottom right corner.

(8) Hat: On the coat stand in the bottom right front of the screen. (Odd Job Achievement)

(9) Pencil: On the table in the centre front of the screen. (Jokers Magic Trick Achievement)

(10) Taser Gun: Inside Lisa's Handbag on her arm.

(11) Lipstick: Inside Lisa's Handbag on her arm. (Secret Agent Achievement)

(12) Pepper Spray: Inside Lisa's Handbag on her arm.

(13) Jukebox: Back of the bar next to the pool table.

(14) Pool Cue plus Pool Cue: First pool cue is leant against the pool table, second one is behind Lisa at the bar.

(15) Pool Ball: On the pool table.

(16) Staff Speaker: Directly above the dart board.

(17) Stairs Roof Sign: Above stairs in bottom left corner.

(18) Toilet Door: In the top right behind the bar man.

(19) Final Showdown: Smoking Sign plus Staff Speaker: Smoking Sign is in bottom right corner of the screen, Staff Speaker is above the dart board. (Last Call Achievement)